We got you covered!

Never miss an important alarm on your ASICseer mining farm!

No need to keep looking at your dashboard

We keep monitoring all the numbers on your dashboard.
only alarm you when it’s important to take an action

Telegram Bot

You don't need to read lots of data and keep refreshing your dashboard

You just need to pay attention to the important information.

stay updated about your farm via Telegram

ZERO integration

No software to be installed on your mining ASIC.

we work with ASICseer and integrate with their dashboard

all you need to do, is to tell the bot your dashboard URL

Easy to setup

No configuration files required

once you key in your URL, The bot will auto-configure itself for the best configuration for your farm.

you can modify whatever you don't like later.

How It Works ?

Alarms at your phone in real-time in few seconds!


If your link online is http://asdemo.ASICseer.com then all you need to write is


to register your panel with the bot.

The bot will do a fast query to your panel and show you the number of ASICs/boards you have.

An alert fires any time that ASICs affected by any single condition increases by a percentage which is by default 10%. you can change it any time.

Make sure you add this line to your config file

global referrer blockg


Percentage increase alert : you will receive an alarm if the affected ASICs by certain problem is more than 10% of your total ASICs


You can still change this default value (10%)  to whatever suits your need.


By clicking Home you can see all options you use with the bot.

  • Settings: to change Percentage Increase

  • Stop notification: you stop receiving notifications from the bot. You can resume it any time. you can still call for a summary if even the notifications are stopped.

  • Change panel: if you want to start monitoring a different panel or you changed your panel address, you can use this button to enter the new panel.

  • Summary: this button gives you an overview of what’s happening now on your farm in a glimpse.


By clicking on summary. You will receive the following information

  • Number of active ASICS compared to total number of ASICs in your farm

  • Number of Live board (with non- zero hash values) compared to total number of boards

  • total hash rate of your farm

  • list of conditions/alarms and how many ASICs are affected

Managing Multiple Panels

You can do that easily by adding the bot to a group. You can create as much groups as you want and add the only the bot or any of your friends who are interested to receive the alarms for this panel

to do that

  • Using Telegram menu, click on New Group

  • Key in the group name

  • Add the bot asicseerbot

  • Click create

  • Send /start​ to the bot to start it.

And voila, you can add another panel here. Repeat the steps for any number of panels you want to monitor.

Stop Notification

You can stop notification anytime by clicking. by stopping notifications, you won’t receive any notification regarding any conditions. but you still can use Summery option

Home --> StopNotification


you can resume receiving notifications by clicking

Home --> ActivateNotification

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